Build your own solarium sunroom

Perhaps, you are already picturing yourself having a rest in a solarium or sunroom. It’s so cool to enjoy the whole beauty of nature absolutely free from naughty troubles.  Affordable Screen Enclosures offers you to build a cozy room 100% free of the rain, wind, snow as well as insects. In addition to great pleasure of staying there, it will also add value to your house.

A solarium or sunroom from ASE is built of light alum extrusions, so it’s possible to build a solarium or sunroom on the top of your deck or patio. Make the most of the amazing flexibility of the ASE superior construction enabling you to come with anything you want.

Build your own solarium sunroom near me

You can get the maximum pleasure from the environment thank to complete one-piece panels. They also 100% exclude leaks typical to multiple-panel installations.

ASE offers a rich choice of ordering options. So, feel free to reach out to us and one of our polite team members will help you to shape the project of your solarium or sunroom. By the way, if you are willing to submit a couple of your measurements, you can take advantage of our Build Your Own option. It will give us an understanding what you are going to build.

Build your own solarium sunroom near me cost

We always  give you maximum possibilities for customization.

Just forget about glass because there’s a clearer, stronger, and safer material for your solarium or sunroom. Of course, it’s acrylic. It’s fairly light and doesn’t require complex maintenance.

You will not have to wait a lot to enjoy a ready-made premise for sunbathing. It will take up 3-5 days to finish it. The most durable materials carefully selected by us will ensure an extended service life of your sunroom or solarium.

One of our experts will evaluate your project, take into account your needs and budget and offer a good solution for you.

Build your own solarium sunroom near me price